Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Map

UPDATE! EV Authority has partnered with CarStations.com to offer an open-source map which supports images, comments and wiki-style updating, accessible by anyone in the world. Cruise on over to carstations.com and help improve the map by adding stations near you. Check back often, as we are constantly adding new stations. At the time of this update, CarStations was still in beta mode; please excuse any glitches or downtime you might experience. Below is our original EV charger map which we will maintain for historical purposes.

NOTICE! The information below is outdated and is for historical reference only. For the most recent electric car charging stations map, visit carstations.com.

This open source Google Map provides electric vehicle (EV) owners with a resource for locating charging stations around the USA and other parts of the world. Stations are added on an ongoing basis by the Cleantech Authority staff, and contributions are welcome via the input form below. You may also subscribe to our XML feed for notification when new stations are added. The full-sized Google Map can be viewed here.

If you intend to add and update multiple locations, or are an employee of a company or state government organization, you may be added as an official contributor and edit the map directly. Please contact us to request direct access.